I think it’s happened. I have finally gotten so old that I don’t understand what’s happening. Not that I don’t think I understand or I misunderstand. I don’t understand what’s happening. With milk. I was going over this week’s grocery store ads (you know, those things that come in the mail) (yes, that mail) (yes, […]

Happy Hot Sauce Day! 😲 I’m not sure if that really should be capitalized but it sounds official enough so why not. I’ve looked into it but have not been able to determine the origin of Hot Sauce Day but I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s relatively new and was dreamed […]

Since the beginning of last week I’ve been fairly much home bound with my pneumania. I say daily much because I’ve still had to go to dialysis and the occasional outing for a lab draw or x-ray. That means I’ve had to make myself presentable to the general public. You know how us old people […]

Somebody noticed. I’ve been nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award by askagimp. askagimp is the mother of a son on the autism spectrum and herself has Marfan Syndrome. Her blog fosters better understanding of people with disabilities and/or chronic illness by allowing able bodied people to ask anything that they are curious about without offending […]

“Yeah, they sound pretty junky.”  Not the thing you want to hear from your doctor while he’s pressing a stethoscope against your back but what I expected to hear from the time I woke up seven hours earlier. It would be “official” when the x-ray results showed what looked like the course diagram of a […]

I went to a hockey game yesterday. My daughter is my usual hockey partner for these games. Hockey is a good bonding experience because we get to experience first-hand that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree especially after a particularly well placed goal, hard fought penalty kill, or extraordinary save, not to mention […]

I was out driving in yesterday’s clear, cold, January afternoon when I decided that I don’t like driving in clear, cold, January afternoons. Well, it’s not that I don’t like driving in clear, cold, January afternoons. It’s that clear, cold, January afternoons come with a tremendous amount of glare. (Probably like clear, cold, July afternoons […]