America’s Got Talent wrapped up its most recent season last night. I hadn’t seen any of America’s Got Talent. Had I known there was a ventriloquist on I might have watched. I suppose I could say the same thing for the last every one of that show since there seems to always be a ventriloquist […]

We were at a buffet brunch yesterday. There was a time in the 90s when you couldn’t escape to a buffet brunch offering on any a Sunday. Then brunches fizzled. The local “family dining” restaurant option continued the buffet offering. It gave them something to do with the salad bar setup that would have otherwise gone […]

Friends of mine are traveling this week. My sisters were out on the road last week. My daughter is planning a trip in a few weeks. Everyone is traveling. I always liked traveling in the fall. You don’t have the summer crowds or its heat and humidity to deal with. It’s well before the holiday […]

I have decided that I have to stop reading. When you’re a kid, say under 55, reading can be fun. You learn things, you get to experience people and places you’d never see in person, you expand your world. But when you get to be a little older, you just get confused. I read four […]

I have 3 clocks that are battery powered. Well I guess technically I have 5 of them if you count the 2 in the cars. Six if you count the clock radio in the bedroom that is corded but it has a battery backup since it used to be an alarm clock.  Actually it still […]

If you are reading this from outside the United States, boy, are you lucky! Here it is Labor Day. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the holiday. I just hate its placement in the calendar. It’s so close to the actual end of summer that everybody wants to make it the end of the season. When […]

I just finished rereading a Phillip Marlowe mystery. Philip Marlowe is the hard boiled detective invented by Raymond Chandler in 1939 in the novel The Big Sleep. You might have seen Humphrey Bogart play Marlowe in the movie version. If you did, you saw a man do some serious detecting. And some serious smoking. Well, it […]