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Stop, Thief!

I bought a book to read and when I read a book I start at the beginning. The very beginning. Prefaces, forwards, introductions acknowledgements, dedications. I also don’t finish until I get to the end if there should be an afterward. (After words?) If is written I will read it. This particular book I bought, […]

…making all his nowhere plans…

Recently a friend asked me what I think of when I go to bed. An odd question not quite in the same category as what’s your sign and certainly more thought provoking than what’s your favorite color. Since I go to bed alone I most often think alone thoughts. You know, “sigh, another night alone.” […]

Dogs can’t read MRI’s…

..but catscan! Ok, that has nothing to do with today’s post but I couldn’t come up with a post where it would have relevance and I really wanted to use it. But then again maybe it does go with today’s post because today’s post really doesn’t go with anything else. It’s a sort of “things […]

Fire Sale

If your house was on fire and you could carry one thing out of it with you, what would it be? A question like that has been asked for ages. In philosophy classes, on psych papers, over drinks at happy hour, in bible groups, at marriage counseling. It should be getting easier to answer. Or […]

Take my keys, please

Recently I was watching an old episode of Mike and Molly where they test drive a Rolls Royce. Because they could. It got me thinking, had I ever test drove something I had no intention of buying just because I wanted to drive it? And because I could? And I think the answer is yes. […]

It Just Happened

You wouldn’t think Dr. Seuss would come up when a 60 year old is looking back on the year almost gone by. Being just out of the hospital for but a few days I actually haven’t gotten all the way home yet. Since I live alone and am still a little while away from taking […]

The Meaning of Life – No, I’m Not Kidding!

Some day I have to figure out how my mind works. Not my brain. I have that figure out. Seven years of school better have taught me something. No, what I can’t figure out is how my mind works. That unfathomable piece of consciousness that works on its own stream and might or might not […]