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Water, Water Everywhere

There is something strange going on with water. More than usual strange. What. You don’t think water is strange? How else do explain that water can make the Grand Canyon but can’t wash peanut butter off a knife in the dishwasher? Strange!  But that’s not the kind of water strange (strange water?) I’m talking about. […]

A Date That Will Live

The day that will live in infamy is becoming forgotten in the parts of the world that knew of it to begin with. The 2400 killed in the attack and the 400,000 Americans who died after the U.S. entered World War II, did not perish so others can live in oblivion. While we’re good at […]

One Tough Cookie

Today is National Cookie Day! Those of you outside the United States please feel free to celebrate also. I am almost certain that there is nothing so subversive about cookies that would undermine any world government. I became aware of today’s designation when I read an article in the paper last week reporting that Cinnabon […]

Something in Common

What do I and Matt Lauer and I have in common? I wouldn’t have been given a second chance either. Finally somebody is treating the elite like the mere mortals they are! If you were expecting to read a post decrying Matt or Charlie, Kevin or Harvey as scums who don’t deserve to share Earth […]

Give Till It Doesn’t Hurt

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. I would hope that enough people are mature enough to be able to donate time, talent, and/or money to worthy causes without a special day to remind us to donate to worthy causes. But if you aren’t and you do, then somebody can benefit from your generosity at least once a […]

A Prayer for Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. It was or will be likewise around the world. Everybody is thankful for something and most nations have managed to work in a holiday to legitimize the feeling. I don’t know how others do it but Americans have been managing to delegitimize feelings quite efficiently lately. We’ll tout […]

Games People Play

Christmas is coming. You can tell by the way TV commercials have taken their annual bend towards toys and games that most companies don’t spend money on during the year. Hasbro has taken a different approach to marketing some of their classic boxed games on their “Raise the Fun” commercial suggesting you add challenges to […]