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A Cheesy Story

Yesterday I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. For me that’s a rare treat. I used to do a grilled cheese, with or without tomato soup, almost weekly for years. And years. And even some more. Now I make one a couple of times a year.  I have a complicated relationship with grilled cheese. […]

When A Door Closes

This past weekend I was getting out of the car when I realized car doors don’t close right, the kind of light bulbs that last ten years don’t last ten years, and computers ask questions they have no intention of doing anything with about. I also realized these are all first world problems but, well […]

Sunday Funday

Now that football season has started I must be more selective about shopping days. The local college fans aren’t so bad, but I have to remember, don’t go to the store on Sunday before a football game. Those people are nuts! The closer to kick off the more desperate the die-hard fans are to get their […]

Four and Twenty

Although not as famous as the two dozen blackbirds, a single chicken is the more likely thought of filling when it comes to considering what type of savory pie to have for dinner. And while the rest of the northern hemisphere is fascinated with all things pumpkin as soon as the sun passes through the […]

Pump It Up

For the last few years I’ve publicly marveled at the extent to which each fall pumpkin has invaded our daily lives. Please understand that I am the last person on earth who would turn down an extra slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. I have my very own self with my very own hands fashioned […]

Food For Thought

I have decided that I have to stop reading. When you’re a kid, say under 55, reading can be fun. You learn things, you get to experience people and places you’d never see in person, you expand your world. But when you get to be a little older, you just get confused. I read four […]

Ahead Of My Time

I have 3 clocks that are battery powered. Well I guess technically I have 5 of them if you count the 2 in the cars. Six if you count the clock radio in the bedroom that is corded but it has a battery backup since it used to be an alarm clock.  Actually it still […]