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Happy [fill in the blank] Independence Day

Boy: Grandpa, did they have the fourth of July in Italy when you were growing up? Old Man: Yes. In fact, they did. They have the fourth of July everywhere! Ok, it’s an old joke. But actually, they do have a fourth of July, or more accurately a Fourth of July, or most accurately an […]

I Got Nothing

When I sat down to write this post I realized that I really didn’t have an idea for this post. Not that I had one and forgot which I’ve done and have written about. Not that I had a bad idea for a post which I’ve probably had more times than not but wrote about […]

Rules for Memorial Day

These are my rules for Memorial Day. Surprisingly they will work in any country that commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by those in service of the protection of the rights of the people. Don’t wish me a Happy Memorial Day. There’s nothing happy about it. It’s a solemn occasion and should be treated with respect. […]

Hunting for Easter Eggs

Are you still looking for Easter Eggs? Not the colorfully dyed ones. At least I don’t think they’re colorful. Honestly, I really don’t know. I only found one and it was ok. A little color in the corner and the links were in the traditional Internet hyperlink blue, but mostly it was black and white. […]

Walk This Way…or That

I haven’t done a “Today is…” post yet this year. Well, I did Presidents Day which really isn’t but you already know that, and I alluded to Groundhog Day a day or two before. But those are real days especially the latter which is as real of a day as you can get. What I […]

Forty-five Weirdos and Counting

This is a long post. I hope you’ll stick around to read it all, maybe a bit at a time if you have to. I had fun researching and writing it. I’d like to think you’ll have at least as much fun reading it. In the United States today is Presidents Day. Actually, it isn’t. […]

Once Upon a Time They Lived Happily Ever After

Ahhh. Valentine’s Day is here. Called the most romantic day of the year, around six million Americans will become engaged tomorrow. But that won’t be the biggest day of the year for that. That distinction belongs to Christmas. Christmas and Christmas Eve actually. It depends on which day you unwrap your presents. Since there is not […]