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Happy No Not That

Today is Presidents Day in the United States. Actually it isn’t. It’s Washington’s Birthday but nobody calls it that anymore and I won’t dwell on that here because I already dwelled on it here. Regardless of what you want to call it I’m not going to talk about it here and not because I have […]

It’s the Most Unwonderful Time of the Year

It’s time for my annual “Woe is me” party. I figure I have lots of reasons to celebrate my misfortunes. A rare weird disease, cancer, blood clots, lack of mobility, dialysis. Too much plaid in my wardrobe. The list goes on. But those are everyday disasters and things that almost everybody else will go through. […]

Never Too Much of This Good Thing

Happy Groundhog Day Eve! I don’t have to remind anybody that of all the 382 special observances of the days, weeks, and month during February, Groundhog Day is my personal favorite not to mention the most useful. But I have to question the blatant commercialism that is detracting from this great day. It’s quite alright […]

Happy Hot Sauce Day

Happy Hot Sauce Day! šŸ˜² I’m not sure if that really should be capitalized but it sounds official enough so why not. I’ve looked into it but have not been able to determine the origin of Hot Sauce Day but I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s relatively new and was dreamed […]


I read a book way, way back in the 60s or 70s maybe. It was so far back that a million dollars was actually a lot of money. That’s actually germane to this post. I know, I know, I rarely have anything of substance to a post in the first sentence or two. You’re lucky […]

Merry Christmas

Why We Eat

It’s the time of year that posts are flying all over the Internet with main dish recipes and cookie recipes and appetizersĀ that don’t require cooking recipes and make ahead dessert recipes and the world’s best ever side dishes recipes. I gain weight every day just opening my tablet. Seriously, I am gaining weight every day. […]