About Me

A slightly older gentleman, geezer in training, and unplanned retiree (though surprisingly not due to economics), a cancer survivor only then to be slowed again by kidney failure. Having spent a lifetime stuck in the middle of reality I turn now to share my new observations of my new real life in a new real place at a new real time. Sometimes funny, sometimes hungry, sometimes pointed, always honest.

It’s who I am. Really. How ’bout you?




  1. Hey, glad to meet you (we have hockey in common) Thanks for showing up at https://wdfyfe.net/ I’ve been poking around your blog. Cool stuff. Now you can call me a follower.

    1. Welcome. Thank you for stopping by and thank you very much for staying. I would have greeted you sooner this evening but, you understand, there’s hockey going on.
      Back to the game!

  2. I’m returning the favor. I deeply appreciate you following my blog, but I’m following yours, not out of a sense of appropriateness, but because you’re stinking funny.

    1. Thank you! That’s the nicest thing anybody’s said to me for several ages!

  3. Everyone can use a little bit of sunshine…so I put you in my Sunshine Blogger awards thingie.

    1. You’re too kind. I’m off to find my sunglasses now!

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