Having spent a lifetime stuck in the middle of reality I turn now to share my new observations of my new real life in a new real place at a new real time. Sometimes funny, sometimes hungry, sometimes pointed, always honest.

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Better late than hurried

I’m late with this week’s post. I was heeding my own advice and after all, it’s not like I’ve a contract with anyone other than myself to put any of this drivel out into the – what’s this week’s buzzword? – metaverse. (Words are interesting only to the point that people can make such a … Continue reading Better late than hurried

Oh so close!

It’s been a couple weeks now, I was reading the daily headlines and took note of one, “Ginny Mancini Dies.” Of all the thoughts I could have had, the one I had was, ”Wow, she must have been 100!” and not hyperbolically. I knew Henry Mancini would have been almost 100 because my father would … Continue reading Oh so close!

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