Ad Wars – Holiday edition

I am so looking forward to tomorrow, it is palpable! Feel it in the air! Capture its essence on the wind! Yes, I’m talking about Holiday Advertisement Armistice! We can all breathe a sigh of relief!! For a day or two.

I know I’m not the only one who can tell the season by the ads on TV and now on line too. Fragrances? If it’s snowing outside we must be coming up on Christmas. If there are birds singing it’s getting close to Mothers Day. Otherwise, you better have a good deodorant if you want to smell good. Televisions, really big televisions and power tools? Fathers Day will soon be here with the tools needed to build a world class man cave and the electronics to fill it. Caribbean resorts flooding the airways? We must getting close to Thanksgiving so we can plan for some warm sunny days on white sand and leave the white snow behind. And jewelry? Clearly Valentine’s Day approaches. Oh there might be some token pieces in May for Moms Day, and Christmas is always good for a nice necklace, but they pale to the brilliance of the gems you find on air during the first two weeks of February.

Personally, I’m getting sick of finding pictures on diamonds the size of baby heads mounted on rings of the shiniest metals retouching can allow in my Instagram feed. Maybe I’m in the minority but I wouldn’t even consider proposing, or want to be proposed to, on February 14, January 1, December 25, or my intended’s birthday. Show a little originality! Make it a moment that will always be remembered for the special occasion that it is. It should be a special day only those two share. In 40 years when she turns to he and says, “Do you remember when you asked me to marry you?” the answer shouldn’t be, “Duh, yeah…Valentine’s Day. I remember cuz it was right after the Super Bowl. That reminds me. We’re out of beer. [Burp!].”

But then what do I know. I’ll be the one spending Valentine’s Day with my therapist and then going to the neighborhood pub for the Tuesday hamburger lunch special before heading home to check and make sure the ring I bought back then is still in its case, in the back of the sock drawer, just in case someday (but not Valentine’s Day) she changes her mind.

And I’m looking forward to a few days of respite before images of green milkshakes clog up Instagram.

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7 thoughts on “Ad Wars – Holiday edition

  1. Oh — you nailed it, Michael! Yes…the cadence of life…the calendar of ads and commercials. I also wonder about the number of car commercials around the holidays — you know, the ones with the enormous bows on the roof or hood, parked in a swanky house’s driveway. Do people really give cars as gifts in December…to remember? 🤣 Most of all, thanks for the heads up about the Shamrock Shake nonsense…you’re right…coming soon. Oh — and enjoy that Tuesday burger. Sounds pretty good to me! 😎😎😎

    1. I’m sure someone gives cars for gifts. People have given houses for gifts! Clearly they are people in a different tax bracket from moi.
      I’ll think of you when I’m out with my burger. Enjoy your day however you spend it!! 💝

    2. I hadn’t thought of the delineation of fragrance ads between Christmas and Mother’s Day but you did really nail the cadence of life as Vicki so aptly put it! Here’s to Shamrock shakes in July and love all year round!

      1. Yes, love just for the sake of love all year round would be wonderful. And getting through one holiday where somebody doesn’t have their hand out would be nice too

  2. Equating each holiday with the ads for gifts everyone should be buying, no matter what the cost, cracked me up. You’re so right–and it’s annoying that they’re better at selling what folks don’t want than anyone can imagine. But I love that you make it fun and funny.

    1. Thanks Dayle. My favorites have always been fragrance ads. I guess they sell enough perfumes at Christmas and Mothers Day and after shave on Fathers Day that they never have to advertise them any other time if the year!

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