Oh Lord, Please Send Me a Sign!

It’s that time of year again. Leaves fall and campaign signs blossom. Can you say “blossom” in reference to weeds?
Any election brings out the signs like that’s going to push the undecided voter over somebody’s edge, but in a presidential election year the ever growing number of signs is beyond full bloom! Or full weed as the case may be. 
One would think one sign per candidate per yard should be sufficient. Several municipalities around here thought the same thing as ordinances had been considered limiting the number of signs that could be placed in a yard. Yep, that failed miserably. The local officials were willing, even passed some of those local laws. Candidates, committees, political parties, and “activist” groups petitioned courts, filed suits, and challenged rulings until the regulations were all either overturned, or withdrawn. All so we can drive past neighborhoods where trim colors on houses and flower beds are regulated but where 25, 30, even 40(!) identical signs can legally, if not esthetically, block our view of those houses and border plantings. 
So it was nice to see something different while I was out on the road last week. A hug. A sign with a hug. Now there’s something that deserves a yes vote!

3 thoughts on “Oh Lord, Please Send Me a Sign!

  1. I love that you see the humor in the details and use the truth to make it so obvious. We’re so focused on the minutia when we should be virtually hugging and caring for everyone. Love that sign.

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