Rules for Memorial Day

These are my rules for Memorial Day. Surprisingly they will work in any country that commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by those in service of the protection of the rights of the people.

  1. Don’t wish me a Happy Memorial Day. There’s nothing happy about it. It’s a solemn occasion and should be treated with respect. That doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and do fun things. Like a funeral, the commemoration is for the living and life is fun. Also like a funeral, the reason for the gathering is to remember that someone who is special to us is with us no longer.
  2. Say a prayer. Or meditate. Or reflect. Or whatever you do to appeal to whomever is your higher power that we don’t have to continue to unnecessarily add to the rolesMemorialFlags of those remembered this day that you will be, if not a part of that effort, not a hindrance to it.
  3. Go to a cemetery or whatever you need to do to remember those most special to you who lost their lives so you can be here to remember that they lost their lives in keeping you here to remember them. Somewhere in your family tree there is someone who made that choice to fight for you and yours because you were, or maybe not even yet were, one of theirs.
  4. Go to a parade. Or have a picnic. Or sing a song. Or whatever you do to celebrate with your friends and neighbors who are here living in peace and enjoying freedom because of those who know that you don’t win freedom and keep peace just because you say so.
  5. Even if you can’t remember those who should be remembered every day between now and next Memorial Day, at least don’t forget about them completely until next Memorial Day.

Till next time, have a blessed Memorial Day reaping the blessings provided to you by those who make this holiday possible.


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