Shave and a Haircut

I still can’t get used to it. Although I try to avoid my face in the mirror – well, maybe not avoid as much as not concentrate on – I have been spending more and more time staring at myself every morning.

About a month ago I became completely clean shaven. That hasn’t happened for over 30 years. And even before that it was a week to week decision regarding facial hair arrangement. Now that I’ve gone close to a handful of weeks without anything there you’d think seeing all of my face looking back at me wouldn’t be that disconcerting. Most of the time it isn’t but that first-thing-in-the-morning glance still returns an element of surprise. It’s probably because I forget what I look like by the time the morning comes having not seen me for the whole night.Mustache

I didn’t decide to shave everything off my cheeks and chin because of any new fashion statement I was looking to make. I didn’t do it for the love of a woman, the lust of a mate, or even at the suggestion of a friend. No, I did it for the most common of reasons assuming that anybody who has changed his facial appearance is completely honest about the reason for the change. I shaved completely because of the dreaded trimming accident.

Trimming, the bane of those who would let a little of nature show through on their visage without so much that he may be mistaken for a member of a well-known family whose patriarch holds a patent for duck calls. Trimming is tough! You have this fancy specialized piece of equipment with all these different heads and guides and they all have adjustments for different lengths and … well … if you happen to have the wrong guide on or the right one set at the wrong length and … well … if it’s a little early and you’re a little tired and … well … things happen.

So, at least for now, I’ve rejoined the ranks of men who scrape blade across skin each morning – ok, most mornings. Good thing I never got rid of my old razor.

Anybody know if they still make double edge blades?




  1. Before you shaved, how did you make your beard not feel all prickly?

    1. I never had that problem. Maybe a little itchiness when it’s between the 3 day stubble and the week full in stages but otherwise it never bothered me. Perhaps im just thick skinned? I know I can be hard headed so they probably go together. Of course once it’s in the style and length I want (which was already fairly close trimmed), I made sure to keep it washed and clean and was generally fairly soft to the touch.

      1. hmmmmm…maybe my husband just has a scratchy beard!

        1. You could always try applying conditioner to it for him. Might lead to new…… ummm. Sorry. Mind wandering there. Yes, perhaps he just has a scratchy beard.

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