And the Survey Says…

Two or three times a month I take an Internet poll. I’d love to be one of those people who make $100,000 a year taking polls on line. Frankly, I don’t have 48 hours a day to take that many polls and if I did, even with no life, I have a life. And even more franklyer than that, two or three a month is getting to be too many any more.

I do most everything on a mobile device nowadays. Even when I’m not out of the house I’m more likely to be on my tablet than on the desktop computer – which, oddly enough is actually on a desk. I don’t think that it’s so unusual that I’d rather connect with a handheld device in the comfort of a comfy chair. Yet more often than not when I open a survey invitation polling people’s opinions on “technology,” I’m presented with the error message explaining “that survey does not support mobile devices.” Am I using old tablet technology?

ResultsThis weekend I opened my emailed during one of the intermissions in the hockey game I was engrossed with on TV (and you thought I was too old to multi-task) and found a survey opportunity on “social issues.” The notice claimed it would take about 15 minutes to complete the poll. Since I had 17 minutes of non-hockey time left I clicked the link. There I was presented with a survey on “social issues,” AKA what I think of my cable provider. Such burning “social issues” we should face every day.

Yesterday I did a little shopping and was presented with an opportunity to express my opinion on a truly pressing “social issue.” Let me see if I can present it in poll-like fashion.

People who stop suddenly as soon as they cross the threshold to a shopping establishment, i.e. stop in the middle of the freaking doorway:

[    ] should be avoided with all available alacrity so as to not be made to feel like their presence is at all any sort of intrusion into your space lest you intrude into their space.

[     ] will have their shoppers reward cards revoked and never be allowed in public without a escort

[     ] must be run up the back of their ankles with any available shopping cart

[     ] truly deserve the death penalty

Now that’s a poll on social issues.

That’s what I think. Really. How ’bout you?



  1. Wait. WHO makes 100k a year doing internet polls? Is this a real thing or were you exaggerating? Can I do this? I’ll take an extra 100,000 bucks lol

    1. Maybe I exaggerated a little – but unknowingly. I read an article about a lady who claims to make 60 grand a year in polls but says she knows of others who make twice as much. Apparently she treats it like a job and answers surveys all day every day but didn’t own up to a specific number of hours. I’m sure there really are people like that just as there are people who get $1000 checks from E-Bates. But not me. Personally I’d be happy with just 60 dollars but I have a hard time getting past the preliminary questions. I’d start lying about my race, sex, and age but I know as soon as I do the poll police will come after me.

  2. The last internet survey I took involved nose picking. I’m not gonna say how honestly I answered that one…

  3. Truly deserve the penalty. And I’d like that sentence to be carried out by brazen bull please.

    Seriously what are these people DOING?

    1. Yes, a kindred spirit! Thank you.

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