You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

I’m sure wherever you are you are having a more traditional winter than I am where I are – err, am. (Southern hemisphere residents please just bear with me here for this post.) (Thank you.)

We started out the season with a bang and a 5 to 6 inch snowfall. In November. Then even though the temps got colder and colder, cold enough you really didn’t need a refrigerator to keep your holiday leftovers provided you had an animal-proof deck or back porch, the only other thing that fell were some flurries and one wicked ice storm. Then the calendar turned to January and the weather turned spring like.

Now you have to understand that the Farmers’ Almanac did not prepare me for this. There the experts predicted an average winter. Nor were the local weather forecast bumblers any more accurate also claiming this season was going to be typical. And less than 60 miles from here at the local ski resorts there is an abundance of snow and not all of it is man made – although they are about a half mile closer to the clouds.

Normally I would be grateful for a few weeks of warmth in January even if it did mean rain instead of snow, especially now that the car has to sit outside and would require cleaning off every time I wanted to go somewhere like another doctor appointment. But this year I’m feeling somewhat guilty basking in all this overcast while so much of the rest of the country and the world is having a greater than typical winter for their locales.

Not to be completely spared closed roads, downed trees, flooding, and rockslides, the averages caught up with us here this week. Rivers spilled over their banks on the weekend, hillsides loosened their rocks in three seperate slides on three separate days, and stores and highways are as jammed as on those days that snow falls faster than the plows can pick it up.

Fortunately there hadn’t been any injuries, the only damage being property. I guess someone looked at us and wondered why we were out and about in windbreakers and sunglasses. Hopefully next month we can get back to average.

And God bless everybody around the world who has been subjected to winter’s rath. May next month defy your weather experts. In a good way.

That’s what I think. Really. How ’bout you?


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