Small is the New Large

A couple of years ago I uploaded a post “Large is the New Small.” This one has nothing to do with that but it was a pretty nifty concept so if you’re not busy, feel free to search for it.

Nope, today’s post is all about Small Business Saturday. Now it so happens that a couple of years ago I also posted Thank Your Local Businessman (November 27, 2014) and that too was pretty nifty. I definitely think you should go back and re-read that sometime before you plan your attack on the Christmas Specials to follow this week’s Thanksgiving Feasts. It’s a simple enough idea. Businesses with less than 20 employees make up over 89% of American businesses. Not all of them are retail but a big chunk of them are. Boutiques, hardware stores, bike shops, outdoor stores, local theaters, and jewelers are just a few places where I have bought Christmas presents over the years. And bars, restaurants, barbers, and skating rinks are some of the privately owned spots where I took refuge from the rigors of holiday shopping.

I’ll be there again this weekend and probably even before, I have a most horrible cold or I would have gone on for several hundred more words. So my discomfort is to your benefit. And to the benefit of the locally owned drug store up the road where you’ll find me this afternoon.

That’s what I think. Really. How ‘bout you?




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