A Matter of Opinion

Last night I was reading when this feeling came over me. Hunger! Not just any hunger. Something specific. Something a little chewy, a little crunchy, a little sweet. Cookies!!!

There must be cookies somewhere. Checking the kitchen cabinets I found no cookies, no Twinkies, no cakes, Danishes, donuts, ice cream sandwiches, or overly sweet chocolate flavored breakfast cereal. I did find an empty PopTart box and that is so not like me. Must have been a previous Cookies!!! craving.

I did however find brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, eggs, butter, flour, and oatmeal – aka Cookies!!! the DIY version. Unfortunately the butter was frozen, all the measuring devices, bowls, and baking doodads were in the dishwasher for their semi-annual “good” cleaning, and I had graciously donated my stand mixer to my daughter’s kitchen. Roughly an hour later the butter was softened by sitting under the grow lamps in the seed starter that had been sitting empty in the corner of the dining room since the herbs got transplanted to the patio pots, the bowls and other necessary doodads were dry
ing in the rack (and would be redeposited into the dishwasher upon completion of their appointed tasks), and I found a hand mixer buried in the bottom cabinet behind the counter top fryer that someday I have to find counter toCookiep space for.

I spare you the measuring, mixing, dropping, b
aking, cooling details. Suffice it to say that roughly another hour later I
was reading when I dribbled cookie crumbs into the book’s gutter when this feeling came over me. I never had dinner. No wonder I was hungry before. That’s ok. I just marked the food diary that indeed I had dinner – oatmeal with a splash of honey and a few raisins. Sounds healthier than the burger and fries I probably would have had.

That’s what I think. Really. How ‘bout you?



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