…and the living is easy

Today is the first day of summer. (If you are reading this south of the Equator please feel free to bookmark it and come back in six months or equally feel free to keep reading. Your choice.) I hate to sound like one of those guys who thinks everything was easier “back then” but I swear the seasons were easier back then. I seem to recall in my youth summer always starting on June 21. Now it came be as early as the 20th or as late as June 23. It’s all so precise they even narrow it down to the very minute “it” happens. 6:34 pm. This year. Oh, that’s Eastern Time. Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Like the sun is worried about an extra hour of daylight. And that’s just astrological summer. Meteorological summer started on June 1.Every year. (For those reading this on any nearby meteors.)

Anyway, today is the first day of summer so if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, you’re in luck. You have nine months off until you have to tackle that particular project again. Same goes for anyone not yet having a fling or putting one in your step. Don’t thank me. Thank the relentless march of time or your own procrastination. On the other hand, it’s now officially too late to take a break but at least you have made it through another season without getting the feverSummer

Now that all that stuff is off the table, what is there to do? Well summer can usher in some lovin’, you can do some saulting, or be having a hot time in the city or a lazy, hazy, crazy, day just about anywhere else. When you do you can post what you did on your summer vacation but don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t come up to you and say “I know what you did last summer” after they read it.

Whatever you do, do it now. It may feel like a long, hot summer but you only have until September 22. After that, no more hot fun in the summertime. (Unless you are reading this south of the Equator.) And please stay upbeat for the next three months. You realize there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues now don’t you?

That’s what I think. Really. How ‘bout you?


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