‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

It’s here, Christmas Eve. Why is it that to kids Christmas seems to take forever to get here but to adults Christmas is here before we know it? For both groups, Christmas is pretty much on the horizon.

There’s actually a third group. It seems the older I get, Christmas is getting to taking longer to get here again. Years ago there was a whole house to decorate, a tree in every room (yes, even THAT one), lights across the roofline, in the trees and stretched along the drive, wreaths in every window and a big one on the front of the house, toys to assemble, and gifts to wrap. And then there was the cooking and baking. No wonder Christmas was so soon upon me.

Then, little by little, light by light, cookie by cookie, things started to quiet down. Without recounting every step along the way, I’ve made it to this Christmas with three trees, two wreaths, and a partridge in a pea……..um, and one table centerpiece. (I still have all 34 nativities out but that’s the cross that I bear.) There are only a handful of presents to wrap and none of them require assembly. Baking cookies is now in my daughter‘s domain. Thus I am left with more time to enjoy Christmas movies and music, to actually see the lights out on the horizon, and to just plain anticipate the big event.

And that event is pretty special.

That’s what I think. Really. How ‘bout you?



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