Summer Sunny Preview

Today in the U.S.A. is Memorial Day and before we go with another word let’s pause to remember all those who gave all they had to give so that we can continue to celebrate holidays like Memorial Day.

Around here, Memorial Day is also the “unofficial start of summer.” If you live close to the Equator you don’t need an unofficial start to summer; you don’t even need an official start for it. It’s summer all year long and apparently that’s ok with you because you’re still there. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere as deep as we are in the northern half of the world you’d maybe love to have a start to summer, even unofficial, right about now. Instead you’re waxing snowboards and servicing snow blowers. Let me say that if your upcoming winter is anything like our past winter you might want to consider chopping some extra firewood also.

So what does the unofficial start of summer mean. Well…it’s like those things that you’ve been waiting for all winter and spring can start happening. Weather permitting. What might they be you ask.

Here’s my list of things everyone should do at least once a summer. (Those reading in the Southern Hemisphere may want to save this list for 6 months or so.)
1. Plant something. Flower, vegetable, herb, tree, shrub. Be a part of the world Even if you live in one room on the 8th floor you can find room on a windowsill for a small pot with a colorful bloom or tasty herb.
2. Drive (or if you prefer, ride in) a convertible. Don’t have one? take a “test drive” at the local (or not so local) car store. You weren’t doing anything else after work.
3. Eat outdoors. The ideal spot would be in a piazza somewhere in Italy with fresh fruit, sharp cheeses, a bottle of chilled, semi-dry white wine, and strolling minstrels. But coffee and a donut on the deck will do. Just get outside and feel the nature that brought you that food.
4. Go to a baseball game. If you don’t like baseball, go with somebody who really understands the game. If you still aren’t going to like it, go for the atmosphere. Do some people watching, have a hot dog, get some sun and fresh air. It doesn’t matter if it’s a MLB game, a minor league offering, or a college or high school game, there is no other sports event like baseball.
5. Go to an outdoor concert. Parts of our city’s symphony orchestra put on free concerts in town on select days during lunch and the full symphony does a couple free evenings at a county park. In fact, the county sponsors several shows of a variety of styles throughout the summer. But if one doesn’t check the web-site one doesn’t know of them. Be the smart one and check your county’s website. Why? Because baseball games aren’t the only outdoor events with people watching and fresh air.
6. Go ahead, put on a pair of shorts. I don’t care if you say you wouldn’t wear shorts in your own back yard, at least wear them in your own back yard. Then you know summer is really here!

An even half-dozen things to do this summer. On me. You can come up with stuff to fill the other days.

That’s what I think. How ’bout you?


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