They’re Making Things Up – Again

You might remember when couscous was exotic or kale was a salad bar garnish.  I like both of them.  There’s not much better a healthy snack than kale tossed in a tiny bit of olive oil, roasted at 425 degrees for 15 minutes or so, then sprinkled with some parmesan cheese. And couscous makes a nice break from rice or potatoes. Yes, these once obscure food items have made their way to my pantry.

But just because I’ve accepted these is no reason for “those people in charge of things” to make up new food.

Exhibit 1: Quinoa. It’s not real food. It’s not even included in most spell-checkers. And it costs a billion dollars a pound.  We’ve accepted couscous. Isn’t that enough for hard to spell grains?

Exhibit 2: Ghost Peppers. Have you ever seen one of these toxic, glove required, don’t touch your eyes for 3 days peppers. That must be why they are called ghost peppers – no normal human has ever seen one. Habanero peppers are plenty hot enough.

Exhibit 3: Chia Seeds. I really don’t understand these.  I thought they were only good for growing hair on Homer Simpson molds but Daughter of He puts these in her morning smoothies before leaving for work. They are still in the glass on her return. And they cost something like two billion dollars per pound.

Exhibit 4: Coconut Flour. Water, yes. Milk, yes. Sweetened shreds, yes. Flour, really?

So come on important people! We’re just getting used to couscous, kale, and hanger steaks (that’s a post for a different day). You can stop making up new food now. The old stuff is plenty good enough to pack on the pounds.

That’s what I think. How ’bout you?


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