A Spring and a Miss

I missed the coldest winter we ever had and the snowiest February we ever had (I think or else it was really, really close). I didn’t mind that at all. But then Spring came and I kept on missing stuff. I sort of minded that.

We started out by missing the Home Show. I hadn’t missed a home show for probably a dozen years.  And I always bought something that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Odd looking but really cool holders for my herb pots on the deck. Lids of all sizes that really work to make my food storage cups useful again.  Of course there were other things we just got a good laugh out of like the $99 iron. Oh well,they’ll be back next year.

I also missed the Maple Festival. We’ve written about that before. It is THE PLACE to get your local syrup and honey.  No log cabins there, just the real stuff.

The local jazz festival changed venues and time this year.  They managed to schedule it right during my unavailable period. The nerve of them! It was at this festival a couple of years ago that She of We found a fellow high schooler now a featured jazz singer. Amazing how small the world really is.

There’s still quite a bit of Spring to go and every week the paper has pages of interesting things to see and do. I’ll just have to make sure to leave a little time available so I don’t miss it all. After all, what good is a Spring if you can’t connect with it?

That’s what I think. How ’bout you?


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