And on and still on…

It was only a few weeks ago that I began the year with the caveat that these are becoming more “me” than “us.”  Here’s what hsppens in a true unscripted world. There is no “me.”

Would it not be nice if I could have have planned the past four weeks.  I could have talked about new home kichen techniques, Oscar nominations, a new job. Instead I am entereing my fourth week in the hospital.

I’ve been in the hospital before, had major operations. This trip is different. Almost all of the time has been in Critical Care and poking/prodding hits new levels. I’ve also begun dialysis. If you know anyone on dialysis they probably have said how exhausting it is. Yes, it is. Somehow I have managed to keep my Monday and Thursday schedule but only by writing a sentence or two at a time. I’ll take it.

One thing I did not expect is a peak into some of my physicians’ lives. One who has been with me since my first hospitalization was told to me that he saidf I had the soul of Job. Maybe so but only Job’s twin could figure that out. I’ve worked in health care for 35 years and I always wanted to be the stoic health care worker. Not again. The world needs as many souls of Job as it can get.  I’ll do it.

That’s what I think. Hou’ bout you?


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