Let me follow neither path but blaze a new trail for others

Last night the Grammy’s were awarded. Peer managed awards are great hings. These are common people of common challenges determining common excellence. They are the choices of the people who do and know, not of the people who watch and wonder.

Most of us won’t ever get the chance of such a strong peer review process. Maybe we’ll get a “shake it out” job review but not anything like having thousands of our peers pass judgement on our performance. Then I thought, maybe we do.

Last summer I left a job to have a surgical procedure taken care of. The time was right. The contract I was working on was expired and I would be moving on to a new position anyway. I had a couple of awards under my belt and knew I could win a Grammy. But I didn’t know how. I figured I set back and let the world beat the proverbial path. But my mousetrap wasn’t good enough.

What it did was open a small clearing that eventually, and very slowly, I had to blaze into a new trial. I’m mixing my metaphors. Let me start over.

I thought I didn’t need professional communication. Everybody in my world knew me. But I needed to not get bored so I turned to the old stand-by “how was you day?” talk at dinner with Daughter of He. And do you know what? It didn’t work. What did . . . and to make a long story short . . . was that eventually we started talking about what mattered. I was lucky enough to actually have someone to talk to and “How was you day?” turned into “Why did you do that?”

It might sound funny but that started with cooking. Cooking is that universal extra thing most everyone likes to do. It got us into real talk about why when this is added to that it tastes thus. And we understood the process so that meant that we were comfortable talking about it.

While we were busy critiquing my dinners we started speaking of more profound topics – finances, relationships, responsibilities – and becoming more comfortable with those. What was most important was that I was finally getting a peer review like no other.

Did I earn my Grammy? Don’t know, but keep reading. There might be some clarity opening up soon.

That’s what I think. How ’bout you?


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