Happy Groundhog Day

Yes, today is the most useful holiday of the year, determining if you keep your winter whoolies available or plan for early spring cleaning.  But first, a couple thoughts. If you aren’t interested in my thoughts, skip to the last paragraph. I won’t mind.

Used to be when you cheated and were caught, whatever it was that you got by cheating was taken away from you. That must have been before people paid a couple of thousand dollars to watch you cheat.  But that’s a post for a different day.  And besides, someone else already coined the word “deflategate.”

Of course I am referring to the AFC championsip game of two weeks ago. There weren’t a lot of people who said that if there was some question of how either team got to the championship game there should have been an immediate investigation and maybe even replay the game that decided who got to go to SB49. If you cheated on your test to become a doctor and were caught, you might get to still become a doctor but not on the strength of that test. Again, a post for a different day.

What was more unsettling was that toward the end of the game a fight broke out. Last fall in Pennsylvania at the state football championship, the team expected to win was losing. It was almost at the end of the game and a fight broke out. The officials stopped the game. Didn’t let them play out the ritualistic kneel-down. Didn’t even let them shake hands. Eventually the instigators apologized, were put on probation for a year and the coach was suspended for the next game which will be next year. It didn’t change any outcomes but it let coaches and players and administrators know that someone is watching. Still another day’s post.

Someday, someone will decide if a rule was broken (it was) and if someone did it intentionally (he did).  Maybe somebody will be punished but outcomes won’t change and people will continue to watch.

The most unsettling of it all was that it cast a cloud over Groundhog Day. Pun intended. Today’s post is being released a little later than usual because I had to wait for Phil to make his appearance. And appear he did, a bit after seven this morning, seeing his shadow regardless of those clouds, thus forecasting six more weeks of winter. Naysayers say nay, nay, the animal is right only 40% of the time. I say that isn’t so bad, it’s great even. Ask any major league baseball player htting for average. So to those who say we’re putting too much faith in what we can’t control I say too bad. I for one will not be pulling out my spring wardrobe this week. Actually, Phil is correct 100% of the time. It says so on his Internet site, groundhog.org.  If he says he’s right 100% of the time then he is right 100% of the time. After all, he’s a champion prognostigator and he didn’t cheat to get there.

That’s what I think. How ’bout you?


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