Next to the Last Minute

There’s a week to go to Christmas and we’re coming down the back stretch.  (If you think you hated that analogy just wait until Monday.)

With only that week to go one would think there’s more of a sense of urgency out there.  He was out shopping just yesterday and there weren’t so many others out there with him.  According to the news reports the local stores on Black Friday and its accompanying weekend weren’t overly packed.  Cyber Monday and its accompanying week didn’t break any records.  Yet there still wasn’t much of a hustle, barely even a bustle.  Maybe everybody is waiting for this weekend to go out and pick up pre-Christmas sales on the last weekend before the big day.

All of the sidewalks and mallwalks, the storefronts and checkouts should be packed.  The streets should be filled with UPSFedExMail trucks.  Shopping cart corrals inside the stores should be empty with shoppers beating each other about the head and shoulders for the few remaining plastic baskets.  Shopping cart corrals outside the stores should be full waiting for the lot attendants to gather them up, stick a battery powered, remote controlled pushme/pullyou onto the front/back of the line-up and get them back in the store before they run out of plastic baskets.  And the shelves should be empty.  Empty until this weekend when they will be restocked with the pre-Christmas weekend sale merchandise.

But no, the sidewalks aren’t packed and the streets aren’t filled.  The shopping carts are where you’d expect to find them in August.  The plastic baskets are stacked to the ceilings and the shelves are empty.  Of course they are.  Otherwise there would be no reason to go shopping this weekend.

So while everyone else was either waiting for this weekend or was of those who shopped on Cyber Monday and are waiting for the UPSFedExMail truck to pull up in their driveways, He shopped alone yesterday.  Even though many of the shelves were empty, enough of them were filled sufficiently to fill his shopping cart that he didn’t have to wrestle away from other shoppers.

It was actually sort of pleasant.  How disappointing.

Now that’s what we think. Really. How ‘bout you.



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  1. […] Annual Christmas Catalog Shopping Guide,” Dec. 15, 2014) to the lack of fellow shoppers (see “Next to the Last Minute,” Dec. 18, 2014).  We’re wondering might that be due to the lack of stuff.  It seems that […]

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