A Special Reality: Happy Veterans’ Day

“Happy” Veterans’ Day may not seem to be the appropriate sentiment for this sentimental holiday.  We are celebrating the contributions of those who have served to keep our country free – and many, many other countries do likewise about this time of year.  No one has to be reminded that often the contributions of our veterans include injury and death.  Not the happiest of celebrations.

For our country, those who serve and have served for the past generation of service men and women have done so of their choice.  There are as many reasons why one joins the military as there are those who join.  Often those reasons aren’t even obvious to the volunteer.  He himself is a veteran and when one asks why He volunteered his life for those years the best answer usually comes out “because.”  The other question that is oft times asked is was it worth it.  And that best answer is always “yes.”

One would imagine that if all of the veterans from war, peace, and in between were asked if they would do it again, more would than wouldn’t.  You see them on television saying how proud they are to have served and they are.  It may not have been fun, it may not have been happy, but it was rewarding.

Our veterans have truly added to the fabric of our country.  They are the guardians of freedom and the guarantors of our pursuit of happiness.  So when you see one, or a group, or a legion, or a parade full of veterans go ahead and wish them a “Happy Veterans’ Day.”  It may be the most appropriate sentiment you can propose.

Now that’s what we think. Really. How ‘bout you.



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