Good Things, Small Spaces

“They” say good things come in small packages.  One of these days “they” are going to have to identify themselves so we can discuss these edicts!  Either that or provide comprehensive definitions per platitude.  Is a small place also akin to a small package?

Now don’t get us wrong, small spaces can be, and quite often are, fun.  Take the little red car.  It’s tons of fun.  Nothing beats top down driving on a cool fall day with the leaves falling around you – sometimes even on you.  But let’s be honest:  we sit right on top of the transmission so it’s hot even on the coldest day, the clutch has made a noise like a doggie squeeze toy since the day it was new, and speaking of the clutch and transmission it shifts harder than you’d think for a car that’s powered by an engine the size of a sewing machine.  But it’s more fun than any other means of transportation except perhaps the Orient Express in Ms. Christie’s most vivid imagination.

So what started these thoughts of the good and not so good of small spaces?  Last week He was at the hospital having some tests done.  Of course they were all scheduled for before the sun came up and after a few hours of poking, prodding, and internal picture taking, nature’s call was getting loud.

Restrooms in hospitals and medical buildings try to simulate the home setting.  There aren’t many of them and the ones available to the public are single seaters with cheerful wall paper, soft lighting, and normal sinks.  But in this home-style oasis, in a nod to minimizing cross contamination, everything is touchless.  Motion activated light switch, towel dispenser, soap dispenser, faucet, and toilet flusher live harmoniously with the faux marble and travertine tiles.

What could possibly be the down side of downsizing a public lavatory to the size of a homey bathroom?  Only the size.  It was so small that every time he moved in there something else did too:  paper towels rolled, soap splattered into the sink, and the toilet ran more than a long distance runner training for a marathon.  Everything took automatic to a whole new level, except for the faucet.  Being an offspring of those mounted to the rows of sinks in most major airports, it required him to just about climb into the sink before giving up any water.

But the thought was a good one.  And you know what?  Sometimes even when the not so good tips the scale way to its side, the good still wins.

Now that’s what we think. Really. How ‘bout you.



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