‘Tis the Season – Summer 2014 Edition

Most fans concentrate on one sport but the truly fanatic fan doesn’t let something as trivial as a season stop him or her.  We are at another one of those moments when all the stars align – the sports stars – and sports season overlap is lapping all over the place.  NFL Football is starting training camps, women’s football just finished up their championship games (both leagues), arena football begins its playoffs this weekend, hockey wrapped up their development camps for minor league players a week ago, American pro soccer is in the meat of the season, and baseball is in the swing of it all (no pun intended).  And although there is no official NBA activity going on right now, the Sterling Saga more than likely will keep basketball in the papers until next season begins. What’s a fan supposed to do?

A sighting at the local mega-mart has confirmed that fanatic fans can favor them all while still making a summer fashion statement.  It was at the meat department.  The sighting that is.  And what a sight.  With the local pro baseball team ball cap, women’s football t-shirt, football team logo emblazoned shorts, and flip-flops with the hockey team logo repeated across the straps, this fan was making certain that all within sight of her knew she was an equal opportunity athletic supporter.  This one sighting with four major sports team’s apparel on center stage was curiosity piquing.  Was the foursome chosen specifically for that day’s daily wear or was it a coincidence that this lady selected four different teams’ articles?  We’re also owners of sports what-nots so the questions come back to us after going out to everyone else.  And the first question is: Why do we do that?

We’ve all seen enough films of games from the 60’s and earlier to see that people wore suits and dresses to those games.  The 70’s saw team logos and names starting to appear on hats and jackets.  It must have been in the 80’s that replica jerseys started popping up in the stadiums and became standard daily wear in the 90’s.  The new millennium brought the placement of team IDs on sweatpants, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, accessories like hair ribbons, sunglasses, backpacks and watches, and even flip-flops so that now every day can be a commemorative to the local sports teams.

Again, why do we do that?  Is it to impart confidence to the players?  Is it to entice others to come and cheer with us?  Is it to ridicule rivals with more bountiful selections?  Is it to feel a part of something bigger than the average fan can normally be a part of?  Whatever the reason, people seem to get their own confidence up, are usually more cheerful (particularly after a win), never let the enemy see them back down, and are happy being part of something big.  Even four times over.

We did notice on the lady fan in the supermarket that there was no attention given to the local soccer team.  Could it be that even after the World Cup and a new foothold in the US, most Americans still don’t understand soccer?  Or is it that maybe the local team isn’t particularly good yet?  We love to support our teams but we go wild supporting our winning teams!  Hmm.  Perhaps with time.

Now that’s what we think. Really. How ‘bout you.



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