Making Deals With Ourselves

We’ve all done this.  Lay out the clothes you’re going to wear tomorrow morning before you go to bed tonight.  That’s a five minute savings, or in the vernacular, a half a snooze.  Not washing your hair this morning?  Fifteen minutes saves you two snoozes.  If you’re packing a lunch, pack it the night before and save at least one snooze.  Yes indeed, these are the deals we make with ourselves to get a few more minutes of bed time in the morning, when it seems to be more valuable than at the front end at night.

There are other deal makers we routinely hear of.  Some people will make a whole week’s meals on the weekend so when they get home during the week all they have to do is pull an offering from the fridge, stick it in the oven, and put their feet up for a half-hour rather than slaving over a family meal after slaving for the slave driver at work all day.  And then there are those who will pay their basic utilities – gas, electricity, water, sewage – once a year saving time from writing checks, going on line, or having to deal with “Press the pound key to return to the previous menu” every month.

These are normal deals that normal people make with themselves all the time.  But what if we expand the concept into other areas of our lives?  How much time can we save then?

The rise of quick oil change shops is already saving many a good chunk of time.  No couple of hours at a garage, now it’s a ten minute change.  But over a year that adds up to almost an hour, and that’s if you get at every oil change with nobody in front of you and having to wait though their ten minutes.  What if someone invented a 30 quart oil holder?  Every 3 months or so you push a button, the old oil drains into a holding tank, fresh oil is pumped into your crankcase, and once a year you empty and re-fill.

That daily status meeting with the boss eats up way too much time.  Both of you know it.  What did you do yesterday?  What are you going to do today?  How will this affect tomorrow?  We suggest that once a month is plenty of meeting time.  Five minutes of, “This is what I wanted to do last month and this is what I got done.  We’ll finish up this month.”  Meeting over!  Everybody gets an extra coffee break every day.  With luck the boss will never remember last month anyway.

If you think about it you can save hours every day, get home early, and put your feet up for way more than just a half-hour.  While you there, save some time by taking the time to imbibe in an adult beverage or two with the latest offerings out there, pre-filled glasses.  You don’t even have to pour your favorite tipple from bottle to glass.  That can save you at least enough time for a second.  And if you live in a community that recycles, you’ll be doing your part to keep the landfills empty.

Wow, efficiency and staying green while doing it.  Now that’s a deal.

Now, that’s what we think. Really. How ‘bout you?


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