A Throne, a Throne, the Kingdom for a Throne

Since He of We returned from the hospital, chairs have become a funny thing.  Almost all of what he could do in the pre-hospital days he can do post-hospital except get out of most chairs.  If it is true that one’s home is one’s castle, his is definitely missing the throne room.  Let’s explore.

In general, the firmer the surface, the easier is the exit.  That all but eliminates all of the sofas and loveseats in the house.  The set in the living room is soft and squishy and perfect for napping on.  But once he gets down into one he sinks so low he has to roll out of the furniture’s grip and use gravity to help him out.  The only way to fool these man-eating pieces is to remain perched on the edge of the seat, and what fun is that?  A second set in a second room exhibits the same characteristics but with the added attraction of being low to the ground so that when he works his way to the edge he gets the pleasure of having to lift himself an additional 3 or 4 inches.

Moving to the sunroom there is a dandy pair of wicker swivel rockers.  They are a good height with a firm seating area and in an excellent position to sit and read, take a snack, or just watch the outside go by.  Except when it’s time to get up.  Recall they are swivel rockers and wicker.  With little weight behind them when trying to push himself up he usually ends up twisting the chair into such a position that he stands up into a wall or a table.

Recliners abound in He’s house.  He can choose between a compact one, one of a traditional size and style, and an oversized double width job that lays back to almost flat.  All are very easy to drop into, but no kingdom edicts will be made from any of those pieces.  They are too comfortable and lull him into the thinking that he can stay there for as long as necessary and then bound up refreshed and ready to take on the world.  He couldn’t bound out of a recliner before he went into the hospital; now he just reclines there, muttering “another 15 minutes and then I’ll get up.”

The dining room chairs are sturdy, firm, with good backs, and arms to push up and out with.  But who wants to spend an entire day at the dining room table.  The last person who tried that was Henry VIII.

That leaves, well, it leaves the porcelain chair in the “throne room.”  Not ideal for long term sessions and certainly no place to receive visitors. 

Maybe this castle thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Perhaps one’s house is just a house and the perfect throne is wherever one can sit for a few minutes and take solace in that even if it’s a chore getting up it’s a joy being able to.

Now, that’s what we think.  Really.  How ‘bout you?



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