Don’t Pick in Public!

Its’ ok to do it, but don’t pick it in public where other people can see you.  No, we don’t mean your nose.  If you want to pick your…. But we digress.

We know it’s ok, there’s even a television reality show about it.  Picking.  Picking stuff. Picking what’s basically other people’s cast-aways.  Do you pick?

We had this discussion the other day.  Is picking, um, too picky for some?  There are different degrees of picking.  The most basic picking is cruising the neighborhood the night before garbage day and picking your pick of the good stuff.  We’ve probably all seen this, often with our own stuff.  He of We has had chairs, a recliner, even an electric stove picked from his driveway before the garbage team had a chance to wrestle them into the back of the truck.  Some things disappear the moment they hit the curb (bar stools, stained cushions, dated finish, still serviceable), some things sat for days mostly because the garbage guys couldn’t lift it into the truck and He of We didn’t want it back in the house (faux NordicTrak skiing exercise machine, like new).

This would make He of We the pickee and has no problem with others picking about his stuff, that is his discarded stuff.  She of We is theoretically fine with being a pickee or a picker, although there has not been a midnight drive through suburbia on Garbage Eve, hence the theoretical.

If you stop to think about it, not many people should be anti-picking.  Particularly today in the land of reuse, recycling, or repurpose we should preserve as much as we can.  Neither of us grew up with silver spoons nearby and both were used to hand-me-overs from relatives and neighbors.  When our families were done with the whatevers, they took another turn about.  It was picking without the pick-up truck.

Today’s picking doesn’t have to be a clandestine canvass ‘round the cul-de-sac.  There are legitimate picking outlets.  The web-site of the aforementioned television show notwithstanding, you can pick in heated or air-conditioned comfort, depending on your location and calendar.  We know them as rummage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and (minus the air-conditioning) garage sales.  There are even stores that do big business recycling architectural and building supplies.

Is it ok to do it?  And that reminds us, have you ever been stopped for a long time at a red light and looked around at some of the other nearby drivers.  Does it look to you too like some of them just got caught with their fingers up………. But we digress again.

So is it ok to do it?  It would be un-American not to!  Go ahead and pick that up and get your lesson in today’s 3 R’s – reuse, recycle or repurpose.  Now, for those who are really serious, He of We has a couple more exercise machines around the house.  Like new.

Now, that’s what we think.  Really.  How ‘bout you?



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