The Next Hundred

Last week we published our 100th post.  It might not seem like a lot to you who are daily posters nor to you who post every day for a while then break for travel or to try out some recipes or take some fabulous pictures then post what you’ve discovered for another constant while.  And to you we say that’s great and we’ve enjoyed many of your contributions.

But for us the first hundred was a road barely travelled at all.  Last November we posted our first blog and promised to always keep our blog real, exploring the real reality that reality shows shy from.  And we planned exploring at least twice a week and we’ve never posted less. 

Our blog, like reality, is a little funny and a little serious.  It’s a little rambling and a little ranting.  We’ve come up with some pretty good observations and some pretty good ideas.  We like what we’ve done and we plan on keeping it up.

Somebody has probably read all of our posts.  We know at least two who have.     🙂     And we’ve decided there are some that deserve a second read just because.

Because they made us smile like “How Would You Like Your Toast?”  Or because they made us think like “Star Polisher.”  Some celebrate famous people who added to who we are as in “Bon Appetite” and some celebrate people famous only to us who we’ve added to who they are as in “Family Ties.”  We like the ones that worried about why things are so pricey like in “Paper or Plastic” and we like the ones that marveled at why things can be priceless like in “You Get What You Pay For.”  Sometimes we talked about big trips like “We’re On Vacation, Parts 1 and 2” and other times we talked about weekend drives like “Just Stuff.”  Sometimes we really did rant like we did in “The Agony of Defeatism,” and other times we reminisced like we did with “The Love Boat That Wasn’t.”  We’ve even expressed our opinion of those television reality shows in “Unreal” and our opinion of some real show stoppers in “That Play’s The Thing, That Thing They Do.”

If we were going to pick a “best of” list we wouldn’t be able to.  Yes, we liked them all but more than that, we liked what they all said about us.  You can really get to know us by reading us.  We always tried to be polite but we always kept it real.  Everything we’ve written actually happened.  It really has been our reality for the past year.  If there is a “best of” list it would have to be the first 100 posts.

If we were you, we’d go back and read them again.  The next hundred are coming soon.  Reality is still what we have to work with so we will.  Work with it.  Really.

Now, that’s what we think.  Really.  How ‘bout you?



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