What We Did During the Summer Olympics

After Missy Franklin’s record breaking 200 meter backstroke victory, the interviewer reminded us that she is still a high schooler returning to classes in less than a month when she remarked to the swimmer, “When they ask you what you did on your summer vacation you’re going to have some stories.”  

And so will we.  We’ve learned a lot from sitting in front of the television each evening watching the stories and the competitions.  And there’s still more to come.  So what have we learned so far?

The swim team seems more like a team than the women’s gymnastics team.  Their smiles came more easily and seemed more genuine.

We know hockey.  Field hockey is not hockey.

The women’s gymnastics teams should be called the girls’ gymnastics teams.

Even though the television commentators won their share of medals in past games they can’t pick a winner any better than we can.

We want to see the rules for water polo.

The women beach volleyball squads hug after almost every point.  The indoor volleyball squads barely hug after each game.  Must be because of less sun indoors.

We want something on the screen to tell us if a race or game or bout is a preliminary heat or a medal round.  Please.

Wow that diving platform is high!

Some of the men gymnasts have more upper body strength than some of the weightlifters.

Those berets are still stupid.

Not everyone’s a winner.  But the ones who don’t get a medal are almost always gracious towards the winner and runners-up. 

Maybe everyone is a winner after all.

Now, that’s what we think.  Really.  How ‘bout you?



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