A Real, Real Reality Show

In just a matter of hours, the real, real reality show begins.  The thirtieth Olympiad has already begun and the opening ceremony is just a day away.  It’s a spectacle like no other.  But why?  What captures the world’s attention so that these games will be the talk of the sports world, the fashion world, the travel world, the diplomatic world for four more years?

For 120 years, modern man has emulated the ancient Greeks in their pursuit of excellence.  What seems trite to one generation is full of hope for another, very real for still another, and full of memories for another yet. 

There is a pursuit for excellence.  Every year countries all over the world host athletic competitions based on ancient programs.  But these, the games that arise every four years combine them all to find the greatest.  On the track, in the field, on the courts, athletes strive to be the fastest runners, highest jumpers, strongest wrestlers, the most flexible gymnasts.  These combine with modern events like basketball and volleyball to find the teams who know the difference between good and excellent.

The competitors go beyond sports.  They represent their countries and their countries’ hopes to prove they are the best in peaceful competitions.  But competitions they are.  There will be no points awarded for a good sob story.  Nobody will be granted extra time because of a hard childhood.  No one will be spotted a lead for having a challenged child.  The victory will be because the challenger is the best.  Period. 

The biggest competition is about to begin on the biggest stage in front of the biggest field of spectators.  May it be the best competition on the best stage in front of the best spectators.  Period.

Now, that’s what we think.  Really.  How ‘bout you?



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