Having spent a lifetime stuck in the middle of reality I turn now to share my new observations of my new real life in a new real place at a new real time. Sometimes funny, sometimes hungry, sometimes pointed, always honest.

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Brain Dump, Part Waytoomany

Ladies and gentlemen and all varieties in between, it’s another edition of Clear. Your. Mind. Yes boys, girls and undecided, now it’s that time again to empty the mind of all the useless, senseless, often humorless, and always commonsense-less bits of information clogging my brain and causing cranial constipation. I don’t know if this is … Continue reading Brain Dump, Part Waytoomany

Press or Say…

I had such a variety of topics to pick this week, but to make a long story short, I had a killer phone call with an insurance company that deserves to be talked about. That’s right – an insurance company. Who  would have thought that anybody, anywhere, ever  would come away from a phone call … Continue reading Press or Say…

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