If you’ve been anywhere near a TV set, radio, computer, or newspaper where they recognize college basketball as news, then you’ve heard about the big upset in the NCAA tournament last week. You’ll hear about here (read about it here?) too. But just for a little. For the first time a number 16 (aka lowest […]

Welcome to another episode of As the Kidney Turns. When we last left our hero he had just been referred to the local transplant team for evaluation for a potential transplant. Yesterday he got the call to schedule that appointment. Yes, I got the call Wednesday afternoon for a phone review and to schedule the […]

Hey, I’m really late! ¬†Sorry about that. I (almost) always post on Monday and Thursday and yesterday was Monday and I didn’t. You might have noticed. If you didn’t, I’m crushed. And now I’m quickly running out of Tuesday if I want to be just a day late. I hope nobody has been traumatized by […]

I like yogurt. I like chocolate. I recently found out I don’t like chocolate flavored yogurt. Some things aren’t meant to go together. Even when not obvious, it soon becomes apparent that you are facing a combination that never should have been. Eventually the¬†natural order of things will correct the imbalance and life goes on. […]

Twelve is a very important number. There are twelve months in a year, 12 animals represented in the lunar calendar, and twelve gods resided on Olympus. An American jury has 12 members; a Canadian football team has 12 players. There have been twelve men who walked on the moon. The Bible speaks of the Twelve […]

Every now and then I get it into my mind that I should go back to work. Most of the time that happens when I’m asleep in the form of a dream (or nightmare if you will). Some of the time it happens when my every so often disability recertification comes in the mail. In […]

I made a serious error in today’s post extra on the World Trade Center bombing on Feb. 26 1993 obliquely referring to the terrorist attacks of America on 9/11 as happening on Sept. 12, 2001. Of course those attacks took place on Sept. 11. The original post has been corrected and the edited addendum is […]