I don’t understand technology. That’s no great revelation, I’ve said that here before. I’m not even sure I know how radio works. Just because I don’t understand technology doesn’t mean I don’t use it. I’m not at all anti-technology. I stream. I go nowhere without phone, tablet, or both. I use an in-store point of […]

I hate to be a wordsmith but…   I wonder if this is just an American thing so please let me know if other cultures also decide they like a word so much they have to use it whether or not it is the right word to use. For example, debate. Debate: a formal discussion […]

In honor of today’s pretend holiday I slept late, had a big breakfast, and did not go to work. Just like most Mondays around here.   When I was working there really were no holidays. And not just the “minor” holidays.  People in health care are used to the idea that any day, any shift, […]

For such a short month with only 28 days, 29 this and every Presidential election year affording candidates an additional 24 hours to make fools of themselves, February is chock full of imposters, sequels, and me too holidays.   The most famous of non-holidays comes up next week but has been in full fledged celebration by car […]

The Academy Awards are behind us and the Oscar hoopla has pretty much faded away. I have a few more old Oscar nominees to watch. I’m still used to the awards being presented in March and February being the time to relish in the performances. Is it just me or do actors tend to speak […]

Yes, it’s February and that’s my favorite month of the year, or at least one of my 12 favorites and not just because of Groundhog Day. It’s Oscar Month!   Okay, okay, I’m not all that choked up about this year’s Academy Awards any more than any other year. Once again I have not seen […]

It’s official, or as official as it can be on my say so. We can stop worrying about global warming, international terrorism, party politics, and the Game of Thrones unsatisfying ending (just bby what I hear, I never watched the show). We can forget about all of them because I am no so sure we […]