Having spent a lifetime stuck in the middle of reality I turn now to share my new observations of my new real life in a new real place at a new real time. Sometimes funny, sometimes hungry, sometimes pointed, always honest.

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Spreading Happiness

Some of my posts here on RRSB notwithstanding, I am a pretty happy person and I normally try to spready happiness wherever I am or whatever I do. Again, some recent RRSB posts notwithstanding. Just so I’m not the only one bearing the responsibility for the world’s happiness, I am calling on you to join … Continue reading Spreading Happiness

Just because you can

Just because you can Who’s with me on the “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” AKA “It seemed like a good idea” bandwagon? I guess you can also call these, “Who came up with this one” queries. I’ll start.  I recently had to purchase a new microwave. For me to buy almost anything … Continue reading Just because you can

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