Welcome to Columbus Day 2019! The holiday everyone loves to hate!!! Personally I’m not thrilled with any holiday outside of Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July. All the others are just excuses for anybody who works for the government to get an extra day off. . Columbus Day is also the holiday everyone […]

  In the very nearly eight years that I’ve been sharing my sometimes questionable mind with you I’ve rarely brought up religion. Maybe a half-dozen times and then probably just at Christmas or Easter not that I’m only Christmas or Easter religious, but it’s not a topic I often speak or write about. Today there […]

We are deep into the throes of PSL season although as previous rants of mine have shown, pumpkin flavoring goes far beyond latte, this year including potato chips. But I must admit, even though I detest almost everything else pumpkin, baked goods – pie, bread, rolls, cookies – made with real pumpkin is food heaven. […]

Do you remember “White Sales?” I might need to address that to the over 50 crowd only. Over 60? For the under 30 crowd, no, that’s not a racial thing. Go find an old person for clarification. Well, White Sales popped into my brain just yesterday when my tablet went black. How do I know […]

Choose your words carefully. Words hurt. There is power in words. Even the smallest words can be the ones that hurt you. You cannot be too careful with words. You can do more harm with words than [insert your favorite weapon here]. These sayings or things close to them you’ve heard since you were a […]

Listen up…today is the first day of fall, the onset of autumn, the equinox (at 3:52am at my longitude). It’s also the best day to get your flu shot. Yes this post is going to be more PSA than post but if you can’t trust me, who can you trust. It’s time you get a […]

It’s time to clean out the refrigerator. For me it’s that time every time this time of week. I’ll be getting ready to cook. Perhaps I should start in the middle. When I was in the hospital, because of why I was there my sister naturally was also in the hospital. That took two members […]