In a world or at least a country that has really misplaced its priorities I spent a week rediscovering mine. Let me offer a word of advice and one also of encouragement. They are out there…and they are out there.   It took the company of a friend who literally, literally traveled across the country […]

Happy Thanksgiving all you Canadians, and happy whatever holiday it is that we Americans (U.S. type) are supposed to be ashamed of but we’re glad to get the day off anyway so let’s just change the name for when we are talking on social media or while standing in line at the coffee shop. Woe […]

It’s that time of year again. Leaves fall and campaign signs blossom. Can you say “blossom” in reference to weeds?   Any election brings out the signs like that’s going to push the undecided voter over somebody’s edge, but in a presidential election year the ever growing number of signs is beyond full bloom! Or full […]

I’m usually as upbeat as possible for a person who legitimately should have died 3 or 4 times over the last twenty years. I think my posts reflect that I can be at the same time serious about life, enjoying life, and making fun of life and life’s attempts to abandon me. But the past […]

It’s that time again. Actually tomorrow is that time again. Technically tomorrow morning, around 9:30 give or take is that time again. Specifically tomorrow morning around 9:30 if you live in the northern hemisphere is that time again. It’s fall! Autumn. The end of summer. The autumnal equinox. All that stuff. And flu shot time!!!   […]

“I have to go, I’m running late. Actually I’m running in time. You know what I mean.” And my daughter knew exactly. If you’re on time, you’re late. That was a snippet of a conversation before I set off for a doctor’s appointment this morning. Even in these days of reduced time and extra spacing […]

Every now and then I’ll pass a car on the road or in a parking lot with a dash cam. A car that is not a police vehicle. I’ve often thought why does ordinary Joe Driver need a dash cam.  I don’t know how Joe thinks but I think I figured out why I should […]

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Places everybody. I’d say let’s get this down in one take but that ship sailed 14 takes ago. Hot Dog, wipe that mustard off your face. Again! And somebody mop the sweat off TV Dinner or it’s back in the freezer. Ok, we’re ready. Roll sound! Roll camera!   DIRECTOR: Action!   HOT […]

Did you hear last week about one of the Trump young’ns (actually I think a youngster-in-law) misquoting Lincoln in his or her speech (the youth or relative youth, not the sixteenth Mr. President)? It doesn’t matter what he said or she said or she said that he said. What matters is how often people are […]

In a world where brevity is so important that people abbreviate three letter words (for example, “1 C bread flour or all purpose flour,” come on, if you’re going to go through the whole “bread or all purpose flour” bit in your recipe you can spell out CUP (sheesh)) it is no wonder some people […]